Our mix of full-time and freelance resources blends the best of both worlds to provide reliable service and scalable flexibility.

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Danny Cox

President & Founder

Danny is the President & Founder of Blue Truck Studios. A man of many interests, Danny helps lead paid media, strategy, copy, measurement and development projects. After nearly a decade of maintaining a healthy freelance practice as Danny Cox Digital, he made the decision to embrace his entrepreneurial spirit animal in the fall of 2015 and hasn't looked back.

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Stephanie Cox

Partner & Co-Founder

Stephanie is the secret weapon behind the scenes, making sure Blue Truck Studios runs smoothly. After completing her MBA, she led the clinical nutrition department for a 300-bed hospital in downtown Chicago. She brings a detail-oriented, goals-focused mindset to round out the team. As a die-hard Green Bay Packer fan, she tends to agree with Vince Lombardi: if you chase perfection, you’ll catch excellence. Stephanie has completed two marathons and all N64 levels of Donkey Kong.

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Tyler Blakely

Head of Sales

Ivy League-educated, Silicon Valley-trained, Tyler brings a refined approach to growing the Blue Truck Studios sales pipeline. He has a passion for helping businesses grow and is excited to bring his honed skillset to the Blue Truck Studios team. When he's not introducing potential customers to what BTS has to offer, he's serving his country as an officer in the United States Army Reserve.

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Matt Boston

Branding & Design

Not from Boston. Never been to Boston. We know, it’s confusing. An Ohio native, he cut his teeth on design early in high school by pirating Photoshop. Since then, he has grown into an agency-minded Art Director. Groomed to always concept with the brand in mind first, allowing proper design to follow. Enjoys guitar, burritos, and puppies.

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Cody Hanson

Director, Content Marketing

Cody leads the Content Marketing division of Blue Truck Studios. He loves crafting clean copy, building brilliant strategy and making people happy. Having honed his talents at small agencies and global brands alike, he relishes the joy of unlocking new business for clients. Cody has cycled across South America, run until he cried, and finished the Vegas to Reno off-road race solo on a motorcycle. He loves beer, coffee and whiskey.

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Paul Plaza

Content Marketing Manager

Paul’s areas of expertise are in data analytics and content curation. He is enthusiastic about big excel sheets, graphs, and captivating photo/video. Having experience in accounting, construction and the ski industry; he brings a diverse skill set to the Blue Truck Team. Paul has hiked the tallest peak in the lower 48, ridden the best mountain bike trails the world has to offer and is eager to learn more. A good breakfast bagel, afternoons on a bicycle and evenings tinkering in the garage is all he needs.


Our nationwide network of specialized partners continues to grow.

These are a few of our favorite and most frequent collaborators.

Hunter 45586bd1a0ce29411f0f5e4367a3a786257b9c4e6bea46bb94c224423bb13fbf

Hunter Petersen

Web Design & SEO

After graduating from “Harvard of the West” in 2011 (more commonly known as Chico State University), Hunter put his dual degrees in Kinesiology and Media Design to work as a whitewater guide and photographer throughout the Sierra foothills and Lake Tahoe. Seeing an opportunity to provide exceptional service for outdoor recreation clients inexperienced in the digital realms, he taught himself web design & SEO and hasn't looked back.

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Jess Weaver

PR & Communications

Jess is a seasoned communications professional with strong media relationships and the ability to develop creative angles and turn them into earned media placements. Current clients include Snow Park Technologies, Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows, Tahoe Star Tours, and more. She has also worked as in-house PR for nationally recognized brands including Vail Resorts, Apple and TiVo, and enjoys a good margarita, being outdoors and sleeping in.

Amelia 3199a60b95b976e21848bcd8f4e2973bd2cb44fe2ea9ad2da091da6195db9a4d

Amelia Richmond

PR & Communications

Amelia specializes in creating comprehensive communication plans and working with clients to understand the opportunities, goals and problems to solve. Past clients include Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows, Visit Newport Beach, The St. Regis Monarch Beach and more. She loves street tacos, sour beers and outdoor adventures of all kinds.

Corey 0c8863b412266e36ea823744a464a7dcfc6a5c60b54b122dad18534d8413210c

Corey Rich

Video & Photo Production

Corey Rich Productions specializes in adventure, action, and lifestyle video production and still photography. Corey Rich is a director & photographer.


The Blue Truck Studios roster of incredible talent continues to grow, with more specializations and skillsets every day. If you are an experienced, dedicated and reliable freelance professional, we'd love to add you to the crew. We believe that this model creates a virtuous benefit cycle: Clients get high quality service with minimal time spent identifying resources and Freelancers get access to a strong support system and larger projects than they would be able to support themselves. If you'd like to add your skills to the Blue Truck team, please or send an email to [email protected] with your information to get started.

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